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Pictures taken either with a NIKON E8400 (8 MP), SONY Pocket Camera, Canon Power Shot Pro 1 (8 MP), a Canon Power Shot SX 10 IS (10 MP), a Canon SX50IS, a waterproof FujiFinePix XP200 (16 MP), a Panasonic DMC-Z519 (14.1 MP). Rarely a CASIO Exilim G (10 MP) Camera or the Z519 in a waterproof case .A SONY RX-100 (20 MP) is most recent and is close in quality to a DSLR. Sometimes I just used the camera on my Huawei P8max tablet. Some pictures are not high quality but tell a story. The pictures may have been modified in Light room 6.14, rarely  Photoshop CS5 or CS6 or Photoshop Elements for their content aware. Some pictures are of high quality.

.Sometimes I use On One Photo Suite 10 and DxO Viewpoint. On One Viewpoint corrects the keystoning from the wide-angle SONY RX100M4. The OnOne Suite is better and easier to use than Photoshop, Lightroom is my primary photo software.

You can contact me at WeaselPoopCoffee@Gmail.Com if you want an original  file to print. On this site you can download several resolutions to print or view on a monitor. You can even download the original file if you want. Just view a picture and hover over the small icons in the lower right of the picture. Here you can choose size (resolution) and download it.

 If you want to see when a picture was taken or technical details, there is a small white round icon with a "!" inside it, in  the lower right hand corner of the picture as you view it.. If you click this you will see details. You must be actually viewing a selected image to see it.

 The single home page image is a photo from a Burmese temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I travel about 6 to 9 months of the year. Here is a small fraction of my photos.

I never use a large DSLR. Although the pictures may be  better with such a camera,  I always carry my camera as it is smaller and lighter. A DSLR is too bulky and heavy for travel for months at a time,. My friend is a professional photographer (Aaron Dygart Photography) and he has taught me that the lens (Brand) is more important than the pixels. The Panasonic camera has a pretty good lens, but makes up for any shortcomings with pixels. I now use the Canon SX50, the FinePix XP200, and now almost exclusively the SONY RX100 M4.The Fuji Finepix can shoot RAW and it is small, waterproof, and 16MP. The quilt pictures were shot with this camera. But the Huawei X1 is much more convenient.  Now I sometimes use a Huawei P8max. But I try to always use the SONY RX100M4 which has very high quality pictures.

Recent pictures are with this 20 megapixel SONY RX-100M4. This camera is not waterproof but very, very small. This is the best camera I have ever had. Excellent pictures, DLSR controls, very clear and sharp pictures, and small enough to take anyplace in a pocket. It has a Zeiss Lens and is extremely scarp, consequently I can crop way down. I use a 64GB mini SD card which has over 4,000 pictures plus ultra HD video. I can backup the photos on my Huawei P8max which has over 128GB of storage plus a 64GB flash drive.

The new Huawei P20+ has a 20 mp camera. This is my friends camera I sometimes use his, but I now have a Huawei Honor Note 10 which is a phablet. A large phone or a small tablet with a great camera.

MAIN CAMERA,  Dual,  16 MP, f/1.8, PDAF and 24 MP B/W, f/1.8, PDAF. Thus it is a 24 MP camera, but dual. with a 16 MP camera for color but a 24 MP camera for sharpness. The phone has a total of 256 GB of storage.

I use this also, much of the time. I find that I always have it, but the RX100 I must think about carrying.

You may use the map below to find where pictures were taken. The map can be zoomed if you want. If there is no GPS data, use the lower right hand circular icon with a " !" in it, as it may help you. The file name may tell you more of its location. Very few pictures have GPS data included as it is too slow.

I have taken many cultural trips. Recently tracing the path of Opium from India to China and the ;ancient ports of Fujien and the port Marco Polo left from which is in QuanZhou.

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